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Get Your Online Business Started Correctly

The Collins Firm is dedicated to assisting internet businesses with the legal products and services you need to start, build, and develop a growing online business. We are dedicated to providing excellence in legal services for your business needs. We are uniquely qualified to help you with your internet business because of our real-world experience developed from having been involved in internet-based businesses.

Our founder, Matthew P. Collins, has more than a quarter-century of experience helping internet businesses launch and maintain their enterprises. He has advised and represented Georgia businesses located across the Atlanta metro area with common situations faced by online businesses. He understands the unique needs of online-only businesses and will do what it takes to help you resolve your legal matter.

Help Throughout The Life Of Your Business

Our firm can help you with all of the following matters, among others:

  • Domain Sales, Leasing, and Licensing — A quality domain is the starting point for getting an online business started.
  • ICANN Domain Disputes — Does your company deal with domains or have regular dealings with ICANN or other related entities (registrars, registries, ARIN, Copyright Office, etc)? If so, then you need advice and assistance of an experienced Internet attorney.
  • Internet E-commerce Agreements — We can help you with the agreements you need to make money through e-commerce.
  • Privacy Policy and Terms of Service Agreements — If you operate an internet-based business, you need specific documents to give you the maximum protections available under the law.
  • Technology Licensing and Software Development Agreements — If you design and develop software or other technology, you MUST protect yourself with a quality licensing agreement.
  • Copyright, Trademarks/Service Marks Filings and Issues —Theft of your ideas, web site, systems and operations know-how has become very common place on the internet. In fact, the more unique your website is, the more likely someone is going to try to steal what you do.
  • Web Hosting Agreements — Hosting and internet companies have special needs that must be addressed through important legal documents all of these companies should have.

Give Your Business The Legal Edge

Our 27 years of experience in internet-related business matters can give you a legal edge over your competitors.To discuss how we can help your online business thrive, call us at 404-777-0627 or email us.